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A Clever Way to Get Inbound Links (Video)


Any webmaster of repute knows that any site linking to your own is regarded as a vote of confidence by Google. It is the method by which search engines are able to judge the human importance of your resource. After you have submitted to directories there is a general need to be mentioned in other areas so that there is a realistic blend of in-links.

Most people then turn to blogs to generate new visitors. It could be their own weblog of events or commenting on a topical blog. Forum contribution is another great vehicle as it allows interaction with other humans. From there we tend to move to article marketing where written articles are distributed to syndication providers such as Ezine. Subsequently, we would be remiss to forget web 2.0 properties. These are such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and umpteen more.

We are forever being told that current wisdom promotes ensuring that any activity is on-topic and this is the formula for success. The brainy part is to evolve a theme that satisfies all of the above criteria. In the ideal world your themes will be something useful and free. This will persuade individuals to promote, discuss and bookmark your resources.

Telephone Training Videos Attract Links

Free Telephone Training Clips are Sticky

Most industries regard their own businesses as being relatively boring to all but their own specific targets. This phone systems vendor fits within that profile. Their question was, how do they create a complimentary service that would be liked by their audience and encourage sharing. Cleverly they turned to the issue of staff telephone training.

After researching the subject thoroughly they wrote 20 top tips on how to best use telephones. Then they commissioned a professional actress to narrate each tip in video format. They went to a distribution outfit to syndicate their movies out to various hosts. It pays not to ignore; Vimeo, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, etc. Each is an opportunity to include relevant text and HTML in descriptions.

The audio-visual content can then be embedded inside your own URL and you are ready to begin tweeting, liking and blogging about your handy clips and pull folk in to look at your phone systems. Because this is a genuine facility with appeal to users there is every excuse to mention it across multiple platforms for others to embrace and recommend. It’s prudent to add a Squidoo Lens and HubPages is superb for disseminating your message.


The advice is to think it through before you rush in. You have to uncover a sweet spot of relevancy. It’s easy when you know what to do!

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