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An Idea For Website Content


Experienced search engine optimisers will tell you that content is King and they are right. Google has an active interest in providing accurate results or face losing market share to Bing and Yahoo.

It is for this reason that the algorithm takes account of newness and uniqueness of content. So it is critical that you upload material that is on-topic, fresh and unique. With telephone systems as our business it is ever more challenging to conceive innovative articles.

Whichever widgets you purvey there is only so much that you can say about your particular widget. So there is a requirement to pick associated subjects in your constant strive to introduce additional stuff. There are the obvious things such as customer testimonials but where do you focus after that? You need to think outside of the box.

Once you have crammed your main pages with information it is advisable to look at microsites. These mini incarnations can give you the opportunity to evolve relevant info that can provide backlinks to your prime domain and yet you control the subject. Ideally this wants to be as human sticky as possible. It needs the “desire to revisit” factor.
Perfect Phone Skills

In an effort to stay ahead of the game we have recently revived our old URL. It doesn’t sell telephone systems but provides 20 well researched tips on how to initiate and answer phone calls to your organisation’s best advantage. We deemed this to have the obligatory stickiness because even we, as a telephone systems vendor, invest in telephone skills training for staff.

The commercial attractiveness is designed to be easily re-tweetable etcetera. So each entry includes the common social media like buttons so it is simple for readers to forward to their friends and colleagues. As an added dimension, we’ve included embedded videos which encourage viral behaviour through an effective call to action.

Of course we aren’t internet gurus but who is? It is a pioneering path that we tread so we have to experiment to retain high positions in natural-search. Finding new customers for our telephone systems is both cheaper and easier if they ring us. The lazy alternative is “Pay Per Click” but we know how expensive that could be.

We will discover the appeal of our idea through web statistics and YouTube viewings but meanwhile we welcome your comments on whether you suspect we’ve hit the sweet spot with this one.

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