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Colin Hendry BRFC

Colin Hendry Picks a Winner – Video


For some years I have been criticised by the staff for turning sales into a dirty word at Abbey Telecom. It all stems back to my time at Mercury Communications where I was the recipient of complaint letters from customers feeling that they had been oversold by our army of dealers pushing their phone systems. I was determined not to make the same mistake of overselling.

When we started in 1992 we set out to source business come from inbound enquiries by inventive means. Early days focussed on local PR but then graduated to include regional networking. Since 2000 our growth has emanated from websites and search engine optimisation.

I insist that our strategy is right as we address a sector of industry that doesn’t welcome continual canvassing. The rest of the team disagree and say that we should at least communicate with existing clients about new options for their phone systems.

Luck would have it that I bumped into Liz McMichael at a seminar that was kindly organised by our auditors, Mayes Accountants of Accrington. She was launching a market research firm and I was to become the inaugural client.

If we were going to the expense of surveying I wanted to incite as much response as possible so I incentivised with a Kindle. To ensure that the draw was fair I preferred an external person to pull out the winning ticket and the race was on to pick the best character.

Colin Hendry (Big Col)

The Big "C"

Given that it requires a degree of courage to voice an opinion in a survey I thought who is better than “Braveheart” himself. Colin’s warmth towards Blackburn, since his huge contribution at Rovers, is well documented. So here is the “Big Man” selecting the victor on Sunday 29th January 2012.

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