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TabPhone for Phone Systems

Don’t Think that iPhones Integrate with Phone Systems


Cradles are starting to appear on the market which claim integration with phone systems, but is this strictly true? Although there is a definite requirement for mobiles and phone systems to merge together, it could be that some claimants are jumping the gun when it comes to bragging rights.

TabPhone for Phone Systems

Illustrated by Alison Raynor

There is no doubt that Samsung are leading the way of genuine convergence with their OfficeServ Softphone app which is designed to run on their tab. The software enables GSM use in the street but wi-fi  Voip where a data signal to the internet is possible. This means that your handset will be a zero cost extension to your phone systems thus giving you free contact with the office whenever hooked up. The added benefit is that you will utilise your phone systems outside lines for cheaper calls even though your connection to your phone systems may be at a distance on the web.

This also results in any of the phone systems other functionalities such as voice recording applying to mobility extensions. Imagine being facilitated to retrieve a recorded conversation that took place on a cellphone.

The latest of Samsungs tabs is named the Note and features a 7” screen but these are scheduled to grow towards 10” widescreen while fitting inside the average sized jacket pocket. Whilst the working with phone systems thing is already offered it will be later in the year before there is a hardware interface.

The phone systems will have a dock for your Galaxy to sit in. This will behave as a keypad as well as the LCD for video conferencing and general control. But the docks will act as phones whether the device is present or not. You won’t be able to dial anyone but they can still be answered.

The absence of screens will result in uber-low production overheads and narrow the number of alternative keyphones that the Korean manufacturer will have to offer. Each user will enjoy every feature available despite the budget telephone as the slave work is performed by the Notes rather than the phone systems. This is a compelling reason to switch to IP phone systems from Korea as they are the sole maker who straddles both phone systems and cellular. Bring it on, I say!

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