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Telephone Systems Quickly Cost £s

Express Installation Pricing by BT


The telecoms giant has recently extended delivery times for phone lines. The question is whether they have an ulterior motive for such a retro step. Does their marketing department intend to evolve a premium pricing strategy for those who demand express installation? If so, how cute are they?

Both ISDN2e and ISDN30e used to take 20 working days from date of order but are now 6 and 8 weeks respectively. Businesses were never happy waiting a month for their telephone systems so worsening the wait to 2 months will not please.

Telephone Systems Iconic TowerYou can write to; The Chairman’s Office, BT-PLC, 81 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7AJ but they are likely to deflect you by pointing out that their contract to supply is not with you. They will suggest that you raise your issue with the telephone systems reseller you chose. If you fail to win satisfaction immediately all is not lost. Telecoms firms are required to offer an ombudsmen service for when disputes remain unresolved.

Because OFCOM have insisted upon vendors offering formal complaints procedures they have cleverly sidestepped any need for themselves to be involved. The old British Telecom has avoided complainants by pushing out end users to the new distribution channel of resellers.

In summary we all know who is causing the delay but you can’t speak to them as they have no contractual obligation with you. Many will say that this is madness but the world of telephone systems comprehends how this came about. When OFTEL was formed they only regulated BT and how unfair is that? They were akin to boxers fighting with their hands tied behind their back. The shrewd thing to do was disperse the agro and retain profitable divisions. They aren’t stupid!


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