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Phone Systems Seller
Phone Systems Seller

Finding an Apprentice is not Easy


We had a great opportunity for a local young person (now filled) to step into a genuine long term career in a modern industry that is likely to have some legs of longevity. You can imagine my surprise when I found that tracking down some prospective candidates for our phone systems operation was akin to “platting fog”.

To offer some background, I should stress that our phone systems company was established 19 years ago, so we are not some risky and underfunded start-up. The business trades without loans or overdrafts and has zero indebtedness. Even the cars are purchased for cash with not a lease or HP agreement in sight. Indeed we boast the best of all the points that the cautious individual should seek for a secure future.

Better still the role was in sales of phone systems and this is the highest paid job within Abbey Telecom. I’m not saying that selling is easy but it’s easier here purely because our Managing Director is so marketing driven. I have the luxury of being lavished with inbound enquiries. The icing on my cake is that I’ve just taken delivery of my second BMW convertible since joining.

Phone Systems BDM

Phone Systems BDM - Daniel Pickin

I’m not asserting that a new starter would be jumping straight into a cabriolet but other benefits are numerous. As an example, we will be heading for an Amsterdam shortly for one of our annual Christmas parties. I’ve been here for an 8 year period and I’m a new-boy!

We started with 3 interviews and 2 of the interviewees were late for their appointment. None of them had researched our history despite this being the age of the internet. So we moved to prequalifying applicants by phone. One of them opened up with “hiya mate”.

The position is eventually satisfied but when I next meet a careers advisor I will have a few pointers to rant about!

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