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Foreplay is Important if You Want To Do the Business



Phone Systems FeetWhen our phone systems installation firm started in 1992 we had little budget for lead generation. We did run the odd advert but if the truth is known our orders largely came from putting ourselves about. It was anything to avoid the dreaded telesales.

Phone Systems Save Money

I became interested in the Civic Society after witnessing a dispute over some of the town’s buildings. I threw myself into Junior Chambers International (JCI) where focus was personal improvement. I soaked up the wisdom bestowed by the region’s support organisations  (but also ignored some of it – as advice is optional). I got to become well acquainted with loads of individuals this way and some are now friends. However, I can honestly say that I never pitched any of them with the prospect of buying our phone systems.

Phone Systems VendorsTo  win sales there must be synergy of two minds and the process  demands  lubrication to avert  friction. A good degree of preamble is critical to evolving a rapport and later when there is urgent need you are closely poised to satisfy both parties. For want of better words, I call this 4play. It’s enjoyable, rewarding and leads to long term embracing of any pacts. So why are many so pushy during those initial moments? They smell of desperation to the majority of us? But perhaps you can suggest a different take on this …………..

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