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Phone Systems for Donna

Giving Phone Systems to Charity


All businesses should give something to a charity but cannot do universally for commercial reasons. Traditionally we have passed a cheque to North West Air Ambulance in lieu of sending Christmas cards and plan to continue with this. I am biased toward this because I admire the tenacious woman who heads NWAA and I am a biker who runs the risk of being a service user.

Phone Systems for Donna

Phone Systems for Donna

My other, less tangible, work has orientated towards affording my time to business support trusts such as Blackburn and Darwen Enterprise trust and East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. All of this is a million miles away from my specialism of phone systems.Whilst holidaying over New Year my wife learnt of the fire at Donna’s Dream House in Blackpool. They provide short breaks to families who are caring for a child in the last few weeks of life. Apparently some low-lives broke in to steal IT kit and committed an arson attack simultaneously. We found this to be an abhorrent crime and pledged to do a deal for them upon our return.Ironically, once back in Blighty, I was approached on Twitter by @katkat1987 for some dinner raffle prizes. It didn’t seem that one DECT handset would assist significantly so I appointed to discuss phone systems with their Chairman, Len Curtis. Needless to say they will be enjoying the benefits of modern phone systems (supplied and fitted free) before their full re-opening in March.BUSINESS PEOPLE LISTEN UP …….. It doesn’t have to be big items like phone systems. If you think that you have anything to donate then speak to them on 01253 7522222. I guarantee that it will make your spiritual side feel really good. Think karma!

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