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Asian Phone Systems Weakness

Having Business Phone Calls Answered Abroad


Asian Phone Systems WeaknessI would seriously question why companies who give a dam would consider having their phone systems answered by Indian subcontractors. Electrical supply is intermittent and the sight of their cables is beyond belief.

India is a fantastic country with really lovely people. I can confirm this because I have just completed a two week break in Goa. It’s nothing like I expected and I fully anticipate this nation will grow and become one of the economic power houses of the world.

There is no doubt that recent growth has outsourcing to thank for both expansion and increased pay levels. These guys are strong in engineering and many kids that I questioned wanted to become engineers. Bae now has it’s Hawk aircraft, which is a jet trainer, manufactured there. So the next time that you see the Red Arrows remember where they come from and why jobs have been lost in Brough, Warton and Samlesbury.

The levels of politeness are highly desirable and folk have time for you. It may be having a population of 1.2 billion that enables service to be so good. There are more Chinese at the moment but that will change over the next 20 years.

The things that hold them back now seem to be infrastructure related. The roads are atrocious and telecom and electrical cable networks laughable. They will undoubtedly address these issues and develop to become commercially dominant. There is certainly no lack of willingness to work. They are largely industrious and education is universal now.

There have been huge inroads made into IT outsourcing as our conglomerates have moved big departments out to Mumbai and Delhi. We ourselves have utilised small outfits in Andheri Bombay since 2009 for much of our website development. But we draw the line at having our phone systems answered there.

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