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Too Many Peeps

How to Follow More than 2001 on Twitter


You will have to have more than 1820 followers due to the rule which states that you cannot track 10% more than follows you when beyond 2000. This is there to prevent overzealous activity. So whilst I am no expert on social media, I will attempt to untangle the options or systems available.

Too Many Peeps

Some say that the bunch that are continually blurting about we sell these or flog this service are candidates to go. It’s akin to phone canvassing but without a phone. If we really wish to procure courses on “How to speak managementese” then we’ll search on Google or turn to the phone book. The useful purpose is said to be links to accurately described articles and casual banter with your own like minded fellow man.

For drastic reductions, Tweetdeck type systems allow you to autodelete those who haven’t tweeted for a set date range. Assuming that you don’t mind the odd casualty then automation of this sort works leaving you time to read your tweets. If your preference is manual culling then there are free online systems e.g. which will order by last active.

If you don’t want to drop the non-vocal ones then you could focus on improving your conversion ratio to followbacks,. If you bump into them at an eyeball then you might prompt them. In some cases you will phone for a phone chat then mention it. Where you have other tentacles such as LinkedIn, Facebook or email then this interface can be appropriate. Failing that you can @mention message them. Almost unanimously it will be well received especially if it includes humour and a personalised reference to their profile. I include a <g> at the end as this is mainly understood and only eats 3 characters of capacity.

The dilemma is that there is no police for such text-based systems and it is still in a state of evolution. There are some blogs that preach a kind of netiquette but these are frequently representing the outlooks of a few. Consensus will evolve but in 2011 it is self policing. So use your own judgement and be sensible.

I liken it to driving a liveried car: you would be unwise to engage in road rage. It can be somewhat similar to CB radio systems but there is a greater propensity to be misunderstood. In short, written systems lack audible consternation. If you have controversial standpoints it is wise to keep them to yourself. But overall enjoy it and glean lots of handy information as your network expands.

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