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Too Many Peeps

How to Prevent Twitter Unfollows


You might have noticed that some influential Tweeps unfollow you. So here I’ll explain why. To stop this happening it will require you to change the way you do things now.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that the highest value @addresses are those who have a large band of followers themselves. If these guys ReTweet your message then it will be viewable by many. So if you do use tweets for dissemination of marketing messages it is critical to remain engaged with the “big guys”.

As the quantity of your contacts grows you will hit a ceiling that forbids you from following any more people. This first kicks in when you follow 2001 and disallows you from expanding until you yourself have accrued 1820 followers. Subsequently there is a 10% threshold on the ratio of one to another.

This means that anyone trying to grow their account needs to cull those who don’t reciprocate. So it isn’t that they aren’t interested in what you have to say. You are inadvertently impeding their development and they have to sack you off in order to develop!

The biggest losers of this are such as the newspapers. Their links aren’t seen by as many because the largest influencers are flushing them out due to necessity. An additional hurdle is that of how many new follows you can initiate in a 24 hour period. The perceived wisdom states that you should limit additions to 200 per day to avoid blocking.Prevent Unfollows

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