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Phone Systems or Motors
Phone Systems or Motors

I’d Sooner Buy a New BMW than Invest in Phone Systems


When the moment comes when your firm cannot survive without phone systems then, as a boss, you are faced with a dilemma. Brand spanking, off the production line motor – or phone systems.Phone Systems or Motors

Whether it is a bema, a Merc, a Rolls or an Aston, I bet there are a million other things you would rather purchase than boring phone systems.

And, to be fair, on most occasions you would be correct in that assumption, but could you imagine the amount of flack you would get if you went for the former?

As cool as you might look cruising the streets in your set of wheels, you may well be doing your organisation a massive detriment in not investing in the phone systems it so badly needs.

Cars come and go but phone systems have a few more advantages in that the insurance on them tends either not to exist or is very small, they won’t cost anything in petrol (actually many of them are powered by a thing called electricity these days) and they will not break down on the M6 at rush hour in the howling wind and driving rain. And I have already mentioned the staff that will have to operate the phone systems. For months they have been on your back demanding you part with some cash for the phone systems and not drooling over vehicles which could kill you a damn sight quicker than a phone call will.

The stress of buying phone systems will be over in a matter of hours whereas having to deal with stressed out employees will last a lot longer.

Plus, the car you drive will lose 20 per cent of its price as soon as you leave the garage forecourt; phone systems do not depreciate that much. Take note business owners, phone systems are for life.

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