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If you are Serious About Internet Marketing …


I meet loads of folk who profess to be committed to web promotion but the event below should sort the wheat from the chaff. A free seminar with a twist is to be held at the top of Ben Nevis at 1300 hours on Friday 5th October 2012. It is the brainchild of London firm who have a reputation for innovation that sits comfortably with our similar profile as innovators in the field of telephone systems.

There will be four presenters speaking about; an exciting brand, 1 interesting technical media company, a motivational speaker and the final spokesperson is to be confirmed. Who knows it may be an expert in telephone systems if I have any wind left in my sails!

Being different is the key to getting noticed if one has a preference for hearing your handsets ringing off hook with inbound enquiries. We’ve done some wacky promotional stuff in the past but the stunt that gets the most mentions is below;

Telecommunications can be a tedious subject for anyone not working in telecoms themselves. My ambition is to simplify the process of researching, buying and living with office phones and systems. I’m well on the way to achieving this via Abbey Telecom’s big telephony site through its comprehensive utilisation of videos for; OfficeServ demonstration clips, Samsung programming tutorial movies and staff telephone training films.

The guys at 4Ps have a name to uphold of evolving some great gorilla campaigns. Check out their blog to discover their record. I’ll gladly take any calls on 01254 272000 if you fancy boulstering the numbers of Northerners ascending the mountain.

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