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Is Round Table Good for Developing Personnel?


In these days of text and social media there seems to be a whole generation of young people who are lacking in basic communication skill sets. Sure they are proficient in abbreviated hieroglyphics but that’s not “GR8” in the telephone systems business! So do organisations such as Round Table boost people’s ability?

From my experience I think that Tablers have far better all round personalities than those who miss out on membership. The group is fundamentally a bunch of like minded individuals who get together for; fun, fellowship and fund raising. But it’s fantastic for developing interpersonal skills as each member is encouraged to play an active part in running the show. I’ve seen some shy chaps blossom in their positions of leadership and I regularly commend it to youngsters.

The RTBI rondell gets everywhere. Never was I so shocked as to see it at the summit of Ben Nevis last week.

Telephone Systems Boss at the Peak

Zoom in to see RT Logo

The reach is not however limited to the UK. Many have embraced the international aspect and as a result visited other countries for the first time with their buddies. This is because numbered Tables twin themselves with those abroad of similar numbers. I never been but apparently this is very good exercise for your liver!

Then there is the charitable element. It’s rewarding to be directly involved in supporting worthy causes but the key factor is that you personally witness the eyes of the beneficiaries. It makes your efforts feel worthwhile and beats the Just Giving thing hands down.

My advice is don’t leave it too late. 45 is the age at which you are kicked out to 41 Club and you can’t join that unless you’ve previously been a Tabler. My objective now is to encourage those eligible in our telephone systems firm to meets some other guys and enhance their lives!

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