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Keep Employment Law up to Date Without Breaking the Bank


Small businesses similar to our telephone systems operation seem to be drowning in a sea of bureaucracy coming from Europe. This irritates me somewhat as when I go to France they have no earth wire on their mains electric and persist in draping wires to the fondue across the restaurant floor. Worse still, you’ll often witness plugs to Christmas lights catching water from the melted snow dripping onto sockets. It’s hypocrisy gone mad that we are expected to perform portable appliance tests (PAT) on everything that is plugged in.

In employment law there is a myriad of new legislation that hits our telephone systems outfit annually. Recent changes include; substantial amendments to discrimination rules that cannot be ignored, sick note replaced by fit notes, introduction of Bribery act and verbal warnings trashed if favour of written ones. It’s a minefield that all has an impact on a firm’s documentation.Telephone Systems Contract

If your firm is swelling with surplus cash then you might be using a specialist like Peninsula who will relieve you of considerable coinage. The truly skint may attempt to muddle through the legalese themselves but should cross their fingers crossed as it’s akin to servicing your own car. It can be done but it’s not simplistic for a non-expert.

We hit lucky here at Abbey Telecom when we met a HR expert with the minimal overheads of a SOHO worker. Sandra Rolston of Select Human Resources Ltd has re-written our employee handbooks for an affordable fee and when I received the invoice I couldn’t pay it quick enough. A great job together with her Irish charm just makes me want to share my discovery.

So if you know that you need to correct your paperwork visit without delay.

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