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Must Have Advice for British Drivers in France


Do not speed !!! I was fined 750 Euros on the spot and banned from driving for 6 months in May 2011. Furthermore I was summoned to attend court in Coutances this September. I had read on a discussion group that I was at risk of the systems’ mandatory 3 month prison sentence.Phone Systems Quick

The legal consequences have become graver recently and President Sarcosy is determined to address traffic death figures during his election year. He is particularly aggrieved about The Gumball Rally of supercars that emanates from the UK and invades his country annually.

Getting on the phone to an English speaking lawyer was definitely required so I tracked down Malgorn Véronique et Marand-Gombar Claude at 2 r St Sauveur, 14000 CAEN phone +330231857788. They immediately explained that the maximum penalty was still only 1500 Euro and vehicle impounding. I am pleased to say that they were successful in persuading the magistrates that the amount paid already would suffice in avoiding any repeat incidents.

Of course, I am remorseful about my brief moment of biking madness. I did have some mitigation as to why my machine propelled itself to 156 kmph (the limit was 90) in a few seconds ….

The Triumph Rocket III Roadster in it’s stock form boasts 2300cc capacity and lashings of horsepower and torque but I wanted to stretch the envelope somewhat by adding numerous additions including an intercooled supercharger. The bike offers Imprezza type oomph albeit that my base option, which was a new model for 2010, has an on the road bargain price of only £11,199. The picture shows the dyno output.

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The performance has been increased to 299.8 HP and 250 Ft/lb at the rear tyre from a standard 147 BHP and 150 TQ at the crank, as if that’s not enough. The blower is Danish manufactured by Rotrex and distributed in Britain by Silverstone based TTS Performance Parts. Put simply it forces compressed air into the combustion chamber in much the same way as a turbo but is driven from the crankshaft, producing a more linear boost without the lag. It creates a bigger bang and mind blowing grunt from the outset. There is no sudden surge, it just pulls like a train but quicker!

I have a liking for ultimate comfort as well as pace, so a Corbin Fleetliner fairing from the USA was applied to cut through the wind. The American firm also provided the lockable Beetle Bags to finish off the bikes lines and offer storage. Both were shipped from the States colour matched to the original Phantom Black.

Extra non-performance parts from the Hinckley manufacturer are;

Classic touring seat
Engine dresser bars
Highway pegs
Adjusting peg mounting kit
Heated grips
Adjustable rider backrest
Tally Sissy bar and luggage rack for my briefcase

Other fitments include a Garmin satellite navigation unit and wiring for Gerbing hot clothing. There is no point in being lost or cold!

As phone systems specialists my company has relationships with teens of motorcycle dealerships not as a customer but as a supplier of phone system equipment to them. We started by installing a small phone systems platform into CCM at their Original Blackburn factory and have gone on to install VoIP phone systems at various franchise sites as far away as Southampton.

I am a convert from Harley Davidson (having owned 5 Electra Glides) and think that the time is right to purchase from the home-grown marque. My excuse for this top of the range approach to motorcycling is that I drive a very modest Nissan Leaf econo-wagon as my car. I now need to eradicate these other motoring costs!

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