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Driving Telephone Systems to the Capital
Driving Telephone Systems to the Capital

New Railway Impacts on the Regions


If you are a Lancashire; butcher, baker or candlestick maker then the proposed high speed rail project (HS2) may mean more to you for social enhancements than business. So here I’ll point to a few of the plus points that affect our Northern towns.

The regeneration teams that promote our region work tirelessly to position our location as a well connected hub but the truth is that we are located over 200 miles from the principle market. They would be more effective by highlighting our true asset, our workforce!

History confirms that the folk of the Pennine county have an enviable reputation as being diligent workers that lack the militancy of  other counties. They’re generally acknowledged as the friendliest bunch in Britain.

Following the demise of the cotton industry we’ve been very adept at metamorphosing into a multitude of innovative verticals aside from that of telephone systems. I ask, who would have guessed that we would grow into world class aerospace manufacturers? I’m not solely referring to Bae but the many supportive suppliers that have blossomed.

More recently a plethora of specialists have cultivated enterprises that ship everywhere. Take Glasdon of Blackpool who produce such as litter bins and shelters bought around the globe. Or Fisherman’s Friend of Fleetwood who similarly export. Or Renown Gears who deliver precision engineered gearbox components. Or Graham & Brown the major wallpaper firm. What these guys have in common is access to superb personnel and properly functioning telephone systems.

The service sector has also flourished as the internet has removed some of the sales barriers. Whilst the locals earn the wages the distant purchasers pay the bills. You just need three primary ingredients; expertise within your field, a website and to be professional on the phone. As a telephone systems installer, we are not alone in doing the majority of our turnover in the South East.

Economists seem to concur that when growth is lagging that long-term infrastructure reaps dividends. The rationale states that for every pound expended a considerable proportion returns to the treasury via taxation and the efficiencies help commerce for decades.

For Abbey Telecom’s part, we are unlikely to become big train users overnight. Our engineers have to arrive equipped with tools, cable and spare parts in order to fix telephone systems. But we still welcome the intention as it should alleviate traffic from our motorways, that have lacked expansion over the last half century.

The green lobby has managed to convince successive governments that cars must be phased out through road choking and commercial planning restrictions. It’s ludicrous that buildings like Blackburn Enterprise Centre were built with inadequate parking spaces on the assumption that people will use the bus! The sooner that politicians awake to the fact that we are a nation that favours independent transport the faster UK PLC will be competitive. Good communication links are essential to businesses.

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