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New Year Resolution For Business


The time is now and it is here,
The moment of a brand new year.
It’s prime to set a resolution,
But it need not be – a revolution.

It’s wise to think how we answer phones,Answering Phones Professionally
Without this thought we sound like drones.
It’s not just speed that matters most,
Without consistency … your firm is toast.

What you say has a huge impact,
So optimise and keep profits intact.
Greeting, company and then your name,
Will not make you all sound the same.

To get it right you must listen,
Concentrate and you won’t miss ‘em.
If you’re chewing then they can hear,
An empty mouth keeps you out of the mere.

Be prepared … the boy scouts say,
So with pen in hand you won’t delay.
Don’t be saying … I’ll find a biro,
Or you’ll be on a boat to Cairo.

If you want more tips on how to respond,
Who-is-This can help you bond.
It’s a site we’ve made to give you hints,
Absorb the clips and they’ll not wince!

Full and FREE help at


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