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Results of Abbey Telecom Survey


These are the statistical facts from the questionnaire verified by independent market researchers from MCM Consultancy in January 2012.  A detailed table is at the foot of this document. You can continue to voice anonymously by using a pseudonym and commenting to this blog post. We’re all ears!Listening Phone Systems Supplier

Les Prenton and his team, who compiled the questions, are grateful that 17% of customers took time from their busy days to complete the online survey and would like to express their thanks. The winner of the Kindle prize draw is revealed here by Colin Hendry.

Key Figures

93% would recommend us for phone systems to others. Liz McMichael is in the process of advising us on conducting further in depth phone interviews with the 7% who gave indicated that they would not be recommending us or disagreed strongly with some of the statements in our form. Subject to these folk giving their permission for follow-up. The target will be to gather suggestions as to what we can do or could have done better.

90% stated that we were highly responsive to faults.

85% said that our engineers build good relationships.

85% said that we offer excellence in our care.

84% thought that we have a “can-do approach”

81% said that we would be the first company that they would ring when upgrading.

80% have utilised us for support of their phone systems for over half a decade.

79% of respondents said that they were unaware of the free resources such as telephone training tips offered by our websites. We intend to duplicate things such as our Samsung OfficeServ help videos across all of our key domains during this year so that whichever of our internet brands users recognise us for, they will discover it all. We cannot link some URLs for SEO strategic reasons. We are also discussing the introduction of a newsletter.

74% say that our annual contracts are competitive so we’ll explore why the other 26% utilise us to see what we can learn.

70% agreed that we deliver excellent value for money. That is always a tricky one for buyers to admit.

69% were satisfied with the amount of sales interaction from us and would not require more communiqué. However 31% desired greater communication but each expressed a range of preferences varying from phone, emails to visits. We aim to devise a mechanism for seeking out what they individually prefer and flag this on our database. We are mindful that those already happy with the level of contact must not get unwelcome increases.

61% declared that we were unbeatable on initial price. We need to establish why the remaining 39% still choose us.

44% consider cost to be a driving factor in buying our phone systems. We take this as an indicator that we have to focus on freezing prices as we have since 1992. Socket rates (£40) and such remain the same as they did 20 years ago whilst maintenance charges have actually dropped.

24% were recommended by someone else to use us. We didn’t know this!

Almost everyone complained about the volume of telesales calls received into their business by companies other than ours. We will publish the numbers on these intrusions in a subsequent posting.

We are digesting all of these findings and will discuss how we should mould our operation to win even more positives from our clientele who are our life-blood and raison d’être. We understand that we have to implement changes and wish these to be properly considered. Watch this space!

Please do make a comment. We want to gain knowledge from your thoughts.

Phone System Stats

Phone System Stats

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