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Telephone Systems Install

Telephone Systems Installation – a Video Training Course


In only forty seven seconds you will understand that telephone systems require a modicum of finesse when they are being installed.

Asking the receptionist for four sugars in your tea might just be acceptable, but using the wrong sort of tools, or not agreeing the precise location of the system could be detrimental to a satisfactory signature on the job sheet!

Unfortunately our heroes may not be covered under any insurance premium and their drill bit is somewhat oversized!

Watch them as they introduce themselves, carefully create a route for the wires and then provide in-depth user-training……..

Fortunately you won’t come across Fred and George causing havoc because they haven’t been on the rigorous courses our technicians have had. Also we’re proud to offer you on-site or on-line training. You can choose whether to take it all on board in a single session with our trainer, or at a more leisurely pace by accessing each of our video clips that lead you through individual features or aspects of the OfficeServ7000 series telephone systems.

When you have hundreds of customers scattered throughout the UK and you’re able to keep them all happy you appreciate it when they vote for you to win the trophy as SME Reseller of the Year. Ours did! We won!

Add to that our manufacturer – Samsung – they have accredited us with their highest accolade – that of Platinum status – and you’ll realise that you’ll be receiving top notch support and services.

What you would normally expect from a supplier with these credentials are higher prices – so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that we give you a 25% discount – that’s up front with no argument. Furthermore, when it’s time for you to expand your installation, you’ll still receive the same level of discounts.

How do we do that you ask? It’s by keeping out overheads on sales and marketing in tight check. By investing in Internet sites we invite you to contact us, rather than by cold calling – that upsets people. If we’ve provided the majority of the facts you are seeking, then our aim is basically achieved. All we have to do is deliver and install what you actually need – not what we think we can sell you over and above that. That is our promise.

For more information get in touch with the TelephoneSystemsDirect team on 0800 652 8052.

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