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Call Recording Software

The Best Way to Control What Staff Say on the Phone


Most business people are aware that the ultimate tool to monitor what employees are saying to your customers is call recording software. But that can cost more than the actual telephone system itself for smaller businesses. So I am going to reveal the way it can be done for nothing in real time.

OK with call recording software the conversations are actually recorded and archived for later interrogation. It is agreed that this is a truly powerful attribute but do you really need it? I accept that the price has tumbled since the millennium and they are more affordable than they ever were historically. However it does regularly double the value of an order putting this out of reach for almost all SMEs.

Before unveiling the free methodology let us first explore the usefulness of monitoring a conversation. To nearly all commercially minded entities their telecommunications hardware is their window to the world. It is the primary mechanism by which orders are cultivated if not literally closed. Sales departments flourish or wither in direct proportion to their telephony performance.

Even retail orientated operations depend on successful interactions in advance of a buyers visit. They want to know pricing, availability and product specifics before viewing a house or test driving a car. Think for more than a few seconds about it and you will concur that slick handling of prospects is paramount. Do it badly and revenues will suffer because you will lose out to your competition.

There are uncontested benefits to be able to retrieve a conversational record from 2 years ago. In legal disputes this can be an invaluable asset that brings you courtroom victory. This is the rationale for numerous existing clients of call recording software. It is commonly sparked by some disastrous court case and concomitant lawyer’s fees. It’s too late to reverse history but prevention is a wise consideration.

Standardisation of phone answering is highly desirable if you desire to evolve consistent quality from personnel. Policing this is a here and now thing and can be conducted live. You can have immediate post mortems to perfect your employee’s skills on the blower. Like I said, this is totally free provided that you didn’t install high end price-point kit from the States. Avaya invoice you for a “licence key” for features like “executive interrupt”.

If you follow this link to Samsung’s FREE “barge-in” demonstration video you will see how simple it is to earwig on your operators. You’ll soon correct any inconsistencies over your phones. You don’t have to expend a King’s ransom to gain the upper hand in management of your telecoms funnel. The capacity to “barge-in” has been a standard feature for a decade with the Korean manufacturer that we specialise in. In a future blog I will be providing telephone training MPEG clips so keep your eyes peeled!

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