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Phone Systems Football

The Link Between Phone Systems & Football


Some years ago I was invited to a product launch by the leading manufacturer of headsets for phone systems. Following the seminar at Old Trafford which I learnt is nicknamed “the theatre of dreams” we attended a black tie dinner at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. We were a large mass of dealers in phone systems queuing to enter the ballroom.

At the front of the queue was a photographer taking shots of each of us alongside a bloke against the backdrop of the Plantronics exhibition stand. I enquired who he was from the cameraman then snuggled up for the friendly pose.

Phone Systems SpeakerI explained that as a phone systems dealer I knew little of the game yet he was one of the few players that I could name. When I said that this was due to me being a Monty Python follower he looked surprised so I recited this song to him;

Dennis Law, Dennis Law riding through the glen
Dennis Law, Dennis Law with his merry men
He robs from the poor and gives to the rich
Dennis Law, Dennis Law silly bitch

He was puzzled but gave me the autograph with a smile.

Some weeks later I had some friends who deal in phone systems around to eat and replayed the story to them. “You ignoramus that sketch was about Dennis Moore”. How daft did I feel?

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