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“The” Most Contentious Blog Post


This posting is probably going to upset a lot of people but it’s how I feel at the moment. To set some context I must first explain that I consider myself to be in the luckiest generation ever. For the most, we have; no outside toilets, no military conscription and few are without washing machines, central heating and electric vacuum cleaners. Beyond that, many of us are in fortunate enough to be in a position to be generous to our offspring.

It is entirely understandable that folk will want to provide more their children than they had provided for themselves by their forefathers. Although it begins in the nursery, it becomes more apparent when parents spend hundreds of pounds per year for obscure satellite or cable TV channels. It is producing an era of childhood consumption that our elders are bewildered by.

Today my wife was parked on a small high street and she opened her car door which was promptly hit by a mini. Apart from the shock of the impact she was concerned how the seventeen year old driver was. We later agreed that, for her, it must have been a truly dreadful experience. After all it was her pride and joy, whether earned or not.


It is altogether wrong to generalise. Any ginga of my years will be averse to any stereotyping. Yet, statistics are hard to dispute. Insurance companies don’t “charge like the light brigade” for no reason when calculating premiums. They are like actuaries, in that they can predict the inevitable with reasonable accuracies.

Which brings me on to a statement from one of my friends. He said, “Buy him a car when he’s old enough? I’d sooner give him a loaded gun!” I hadn’t really thought of it like that before but I have now.

So if you aren’t going to contest my thoughts, can you please remind me of this reasoning when my daughter hits that magical age and she qualifies for DVLA consideration. I’m looking forward to that about the same as I am her hitting the age of consent


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