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The Xmas Card Solution


Every year businesses receive Christmas cards from well wishers and feel obliged to return the gesture. The whole process is costly for industry and clogs the Royal Mail thus causing unnecessary late payment of invoices.

Here I will suggest another response that harnesses the essence of the intended spirit in a non destructive way.

Our telephone systems installation company has been deploying this successfully for several years now. I truly believe that there are more winners than losers by utilising this alternate strategy. I don’t claim to be the author of this solution but I love to help promote it. I’d like to request that you do the same by FaceBook liking and Twitter re-tweeting this short article.

We at Abbey Telecom, respond to each sender of a card by email. We both thank them and inform that we will be substituting the standard reciprocation with a donation to an extremely worthy charity.

It is a moral injustice that North West Air Ambulance should have to secure 100% of it’s funding from charitable means but it is a fact. By gifting to them I am confident that we embrace the goodwill intention of the greeting via a more practical method and simultaneously alleviate the congestion of the post.

The air ambulances touch many peoples’ lives and most of us will either know a service user or have indirect exposure to this life saving essential transport for the injured. They don’t just attend rural incidents but even the most common of road traffic accidents.

Lynda Brislin

Lynda Brislin

One of the key champions of fundraising for the cause is Lynda Brislin (pictured right). I first saw her in action when she spoke to members of Lytham Round Table. She is a woman of true passion who works tirelessly to raise finance for the organisation. I urge you to join our telephone systems crew in adding to their revenues.

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