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Phone Systems Top Spot

Top for Your Keyphrase but Where Next?


If you are dedicating your full effort towards making your keyword top of Google you will succeed. It’s just a matter of determination and focus. We have 3795 phrases that we target so our work is unlikely to finish in my lifetime. Our most competitive is “telephone systems” but we won the 1 and 2 spots some considerable time ago. So our question was, what’s next?

Of course we now shift our microscope to other searches such as phone systems and the famous longtails. But what of the wasted enquirers about phone systems who were never followed up? The problem with developing a Phone Systems No1model that depends on a flood of new enquiries daily is that you run the risk of becoming complacent.

Well here at Abbey Telecom we turned to the old guard to increase sales of phone systems. Someone with years of experience who has been around the block and kissed a few frogs when it comes to guiding businesses. Being in your fifties doesn’t mean that you cannot contribute to the digital age. Especially if e-positioning has been your specialism during this period of commercial evolution. Being 25 doesn’t make you an expert.

Phone Systems Advisor

Peter Dickinson

I first met Peter Dickinson when he was a PBA for the defunked ELTEC. As metamorphosis happened he surfaced again at Business Link but government funding was minimal so he created his own niche with e-people and began facilitating groups of associated industries to be in a consortium. Today he is a business coach at  KUB Limited and he’s kept pace with technological developments.

It’s easy to get giddy after a few successes so it was grounding to meet someone who challenged our processes. He was quick to home in on waste as an area for improvement. A deluge of regular phone systems orders was preventing us from seeing historic prospects as an opportunity. He switched the light on for us!

We are shifting attention in favour of “inbound marketing” and how we can squeeze the forms filled out and phone calls taken with smart implementation of IT systems. He highlighted our huge stocks of phone systems collateral. We own hundreds of pages of intellectual real estate and 200 videos so why not use them? We have movie clips and article content splattered all over cyberspace so he’s going to teach us how to fully utilise it all. It will be centric on phone systems communications and the useful information will be disseminated automatically. Watch this space for updates on our progression.

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