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The Unwritten Rule Amongst Businesspeople


Last week a fellow businessman did me a huge favour for which I will be eternally grateful. Indeed I will never give up from trying to repay him. He went out of his way to take time to inform me of something that was wrong in my company. Only an entrepreneur could comprehend how difficult it would be to make a critical call.

This got me thinking as to what it is that makes us look out for each other in such ways. I have concluded that it is putting honour in front of our own personal objectives.

It’s all about “playing nicely” within our business communities. That community can be suppliers, customers or just folk in our locale. This isn’t done to get anything in return. It’s just that feeling of having done the right thing and it is hugely inwardly rewarding. It may well be that positive karma will come our way in the future and that’s just a bonus if it does.

My helper will know who he is but thanks to all other readers who are honourable in this way.


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