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What Business Can Learn from an Anorak


I suspect that most entrepreneurs are akin to me in that they amass knowledge to improve professionalism, even during their daily lives. In this short article I’m going to explore a specific instance of how an extreme hobbyist can often outperform the also-rans.

You see, I’m passionate about phone systems for a reason (I’ll reveal further on). In contrast our loyal customers only demonstrate passion when their telecoms equipment fails them. At Abbey Telecom we’ve always understood this and focussed on ideally positioning ourselves to cure faults considerably quicker than our competitors are able to. In our case this is simply down to one key building block and that is a 20 year effort to accrue ample monetary funding to deal with the unexpected.

Money can’t buy you love but it will make life easier when obstacles present themselves. One can’t predict random challenges especially in a technical field such as telecommunications. It is possible however to invest in healthy stocks of spares, training and diagnostic tackle.

Every industry has deplorable examples of those who only do the job half heartedly by copying elements of the true professionals and hiding behind that identity as imposters. “We maintain all makes of phone systems” is a classic example. It’s a blatant lie, how can they be all things to all men? They’d need a stockholding and staff development regime that would be unsustainable.

I’ve been lucky in that I have never been bitten by the car bug. In fact it breaks my heart to watch such depreciating assets losing value by the second. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the Range Rover driving fraternity as they alleviate my own tax burden in their quest to look a million dollars. However, I do suffer the dreaded 2 wheel fever and I’m attempting to justify it to myself with the mitigation of tiny depreciation comparatives.Phone Systems with oomph

As a self acknowledged obsessive it is not sufficient to purely own a motorbike, it has to be special. I ride a 2.3 litre Rocket III Roadster but it has extensive engine modifications by the UK’s “anorak” of superchargers. I like Richard Albans as a person but it’s his unparalleled enthusiasm to tune vehicles to go faster that is truly magnetic. You can smell his fanatical demeanour when you enter his CNC laden workshop at TTS Performance in Silverstone. He is the number 1 forced induction nut and now my bike has been chosen as a finalist in the custom show at Triumph Live this weekend.

I did promise to uncover the rationale for my fascination with phone systems and it emanates from a previous genre of communications. Back in the late 70s citizens band radios were all the rage and in the absence of FaceBook and Twitter it was our social network. Dissatisfied with 4 watts output I opted for a kilowatt burner and 500 watt pre-amp all feeding a motorised cubicle quad antenna. International conversations were common and this sparked my fire to purchase my inaugural cellphone which weighed so much that it caused me a hernia. The rest is history. So I put it to you that it is an unbridled infatuation that gives market leaders the horsepower to outrun those less serious.
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