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Etiquette on Telephone Systems

Why Digital Industries Thrive in the North West


The answer to the disproportionate growth of digital industries is in the movie at the foot of this page. It’s about geography and markets. The main market for consumption in the United Kingdom is London. This is obvious as the population living inside the M25 is approaching 11 million people. Civil servant numbers are high as numerous public sector bodies are based there. As a result more businesses operate within the Capital. Put simply, it is the metropolis for everything from telephone systems to talcum powder!

Meanwhile, regeneration specialists in the northerly provinces are extremely adept at promoting the region as an attractive location. In reality our links to the majority of consumers are abysmal unless by telephone. Preston is over 200 miles from Buckingham Palace. The hard working economic development personnel of Lancashire have finely tuned systems that push our other pluses, such as labour pool, motorway network and recreational resources. They have had terrific success in attracting inward investment in spite of our distance from the action!

Many businesspeople are fully aware of our geographical impediment and have seized distant selling as an opportunity to expand. If you are distributing health supplements from a farm building in the heart of the Ribble Valley (example:. Health Rack) then you have to think beyond the normal boundaries. Holiday tour operators have known this for years (e.g. Gold Medal Travel & Airtours). Working on the telephone is something that Northerners excel at. E-commerce systems are just an extension of mail order.

A significant percentage of Lancs enterprises tend to mask their internet side arms. Discounted pricing strategies work alongside traditional operations but it’s frequently secretive. Unnoticed big players include (Harry Garlick – Barnoldswick) and (Abbey Telecom = Blackburn). I wrote this post as I’m attending a discussion on this subject tomorrow morning with Motionlab and I believe that there is potential for expansion.

To develop, a little up skilling and more of the same is required. I say this because the “black belts” in this contemporary marketing reside here. Our creative brains are awash with innovative ideas because they are regularly used. The key skill set to improve is probably telephone techniques as Barry states in the video below.

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