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Why Phones Can Hurt You


Conflicts are best avoided if possible, there are no winners in a war and many other such sayings are used daily. They emanate from wise men that recognised the value of words in settling differences. They were correct as demonstrated universally by such as the Northern Ireland Troubles and Israel’s territorial disputes. Disagreements are only ever sorted out when discussion takes place. If you are in agreement with that then read on.

Don't get Angry with PhonesTo reach consensus you cannot beat a physical meeting. Now, you might find this strange coming from a man who sells phones for a living but “phones are pants for communication and you’ll always win better results in person”. I know this to be factual as I have evidence of significantly lower order to enquiry rate conversions since we have grown our internet presence to market phones. Historically, 78% who visited our demonstration room proceeded to purchase whereas only 22% of web enquirers buy. It is high quantities and low cost base that makes the business viable.

Definitely avoid phones when in disagreement because they can be damaging. Events can spiral downwards rapidly if you are deemed confrontational or uncooperative. Without facial expressions we are dependent on tone and content to judge intent. Intentions get misconstrued commonly and this is where phones fall down.

Even worse than phones are emails. They are such a permanent record of events. Never try sarcasm in writing because it will end in tears. Be careful when posting on social media sites because things go public immediately and are frequently copied.

During my summer holidays I usually aim to take a break from technology and phones by escaping to a caravan site. Last year I was glued to the telly watching the UK’s riots unfold. I wondered what incited the rioters into that mob mentality. Later in 2011 a large group of parents got heavily animated about a proposed takeover of our school. They weren’t mobs of yobs but you can definitely see that humans are easily swept by a sea of emotion. Groups make feelings snowball and out of that comes bad behaviour.

In my experience any desirable outcomes result from small rendezvous. Phones come second but can be harmful. Large herds and the written word are generally ineffective. Don’t let that stop you buying phones though as they are handy for regular contact!

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